Five dancers from the company action during Sükran Morals exhibition at KODE 2 and create a new artistic dimention for the art audiences.

November can be a dark and dreary month, so why not try something different? This month, Norway’s national company of contemporary dance will be collaborating with the museum, KODE 2.

An extraordinary artist

Sükran Moral is a Turkish artist, best know for her exhibitions that include performances, videos and installations. A recurring theme in Moral’s art is oppression of women and other marginalized groups in society like the mentally ill, prostitutes, fugitives and transsexuals. She likes to provoke, and she utilizes her body to carry out powerful messages.

Over the years, Sükran has had multiple exhibitions, and this autumn one of her exhibitions will be coming to Bergen at the KODE2 museum.

A meeting between two art forms

The exhibition will be a combination of Sükran Moral’s exhibition and the dancers from Carte Blanche, and the audience is not to look at the exhibition as a performance, but as an action. This way, the audience have the freedom to choose the duration of the action, and they also have an optional point of view. In other words, this is a viewer-directed action.

In the world of Fine Arts, you see plastic. You see pictures of dancers and bodies. With the dancers actually being present, a new way of interpreting begins. The way you see the body, the art, the dance and the movements, will change. The dancers are given their own landscape, a parallel world, and this will create the foundation on which the audience will interpret. By doing this, the audience is moving between these landscapes. It also opens up for a third impression and their own interpretative landscape.

Concept Hooman Sharifi

Marianne Kjærsund, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Magnus Eide Myhr

3 hours / in the opening hours of KODE 2

A co-production with Kode 2