Edvard Munch is the inspiration for Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau’s and La Veronal’s full-length production for Carte Blanche.

By exploring the life of Edvard Munch, his character and works of art, Morau wants to find new images and meanings. He wants to explore how Munch’s own illness and the loss of his mother and sister at a young age helped to shape him as a man and as an artist. Morau wishes to examine why Munch painted as he did, and he is especially interested in the relationship between order and passion, or discipline and disease.

Morau’s project is to create worlds on stage that are like reality, but shown from a different angle. By changing the perspective, the audience gets to see life in a different, often more surrealistic, perspective. He reinforces this by playing with the oppositions between the concrete and the abstract.

Morau creates dance at the intersection between different scenic expressions, often with a personal twist on classical dance. Film, theatre and literature are important sources of inspiration for him.  He creates the choreography in close cooperation with the dancers, and the result is often a powerful dance performed at high tempo. Together with his company, La Veronal, Morau has developed a distinct language of movement that the dancers use in their own way to create the work. It was this mix – of Morau’s codified and very inventive language of movement, placed in a theatrical setting – that made former artistic director Bruno Heynderickx want to commission a production for Carte Blanche.

Morau won the Spanish National Dance Award in 2013, and, with his company La Veronal, he has in a short space of time made a name for himself on stages such as Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, the Venice Biennale, Dansens Hus in Stockholm and Sadler’s Wells in London.

Marcos Morau

Lorena Nogal and Inma Asensio

Pablo Gisbert

Artistic Advisor
Roberto Fratini

Costume Design
David Delfín

Luis Miguel Cobo

Lighting Design
Albert Faura

Room / Set design
Enric Planas

Dancers from Carte Blanche
Caroline Eckly, Christine Kjellberg, Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann, Núria Navarra Vilasalo, Sara Enrich Bertran, Ida Haugen, Ole Martin Meland, Timothy Bartlett, Mathias Stoltenberg, Hugo Marmelada and Jack Lorentzen

65 mins. No intermission.

World Premiere
15 January 2015 at Studio Bergen

with La Veronal and Tanz Bremen