A complete work of art – an adrenaline kick on the theme identity, sexuality and escape, inspired by Vibeke Løkkeberg’s film Betrayal (Kamilla in the UK).

In 1995 Vibeke Løkkeberg’s film from 1981 was noted at the UNESCO’s list as of one of the 15th most prominent films from Norway. After the initial premiere it was awarded the critics price during the film festival in Haugesund. The film is set in Bergen in 1948, and is about Kamilla, a young girl growing up in an evolving society, a rebuilding after the war, in a family falling apart. Now, Carte Blanche and Den Nationale Scene are collaborating on a common artistic work, based and inspired by Løkkeberg’s renowned film.

Stage director Jon Tombre, the textile-, crafts-, visual artist and set designer Inghild Karlsen and choreographer Hooman Sharifi will together with fourteen dancers and five actors/actresses give the audience a unusual experience, that gives room for the different artistic expressions each of them represent.

“Allkunstverk” – a common artistic work
Artistic director at Carte Blanche, Hooman Sharifi, together with artistic director at DNS, Agnete G. Haaland, do not name the collaboration a dance or theatre  performance , but they call it a unique artistic work based on and with a starting point in a film that created havoc in Bergen when it was released, and perhaps will do so again?

With so many renowned artists involved, we do guarantee this will be a bespoken piece!

Stage Direction & Choreography:
Jon Tombre and Hooman Sharifi

Set & Costume Design:
Inghild Karlsen

Lysdesign: Einar Bjarkø


Actors from DNS:  Stine Robin Berg Hansen, Ameli Isungset Agbota, Sigmund Njøs Hovind and Kristoffer Sagmo Aalberg.

Dancers from Carte Blanche: Caroline Eckly, Guro Rimeslåtten, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Daniel Garcia Mariblanca, Mia Habib, Noam Eidelman Shatil, Judith Arupa, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Einar Nikkerud, Harald Beharie, Asher Lev og Adrian Bartczak.

Duration: appx. 60 minutes

World premiere:
20 October at Teaterkjelleren, DNS, Bergen
Other dates: 21 – 22, 25. – 29 and 31 October and 1 – 5 November 2016

A collaboration with Den Nationale Scene in Bergen.
The performance is part of the international dance festival Oktoberdans 2016