Embodiment, cannibalism, ritual, the movement of the masses, the school of fish-movement, the lingering and sudden shift in another direction. Glitter, savage and spirit – the ghost of the masses. WE ARE HERE TOGETHER.

Wed 01

While they are floating

1 November 20:00 - 21:30
Thu 02

While they are floating

2 November 20:00 - 21:30

We are here together; you, the audience with names, bodies and opinions, coming from your angle. We are dancers, technicians, choreographers and administrators who was here already before. We come from different starting points and meet in this place, at this time, now, and this is where our collective movement start. You sit on your chairs, thinking, sensing and being moved, while we are on stage moving you – and ourselves.

We have invited two exciting choreographers for our double bill We are here together. Mia Habib and Marcelo Evelin have a great urge to confront themselves and others, and to challenge other peoples’ meanings.

In their pieces Gjallarhorn  and The Who of Things, Habib and Evelin show their raw and naked choreographic language. Cleverly implementing, the choreographers work actively, consciously and consistently to keep the direction of their movement language until it meets the audience. A body contains memories and thoughts, it has a history and it has lived in a ritual. That body exists in a mass, and it is wild!

Carte Blanche, known for its hospitality, willingness, ability and appetite to meet others’ ideas and ways of thinking and to transform this into thought-provoking and engaging performances. We have set the table for a wonderful artistic meal! You are welcome.

Mia Habib, Marcelo Evelin

Lighting Design
Ingeborg S. Olerud

Costume Design
Indrani Balgobin* and Marcelo Evelin**

Sound Design/Music
Gunnar Innvær* and Sho Takiguchi**

Guro Rimeslåtten, Caroline Eckly, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Daniel Garcia Mariblanca, Noam Eidelman Shatil, Mia Habib, Judith Arupa, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Harald Beharie, Adrian Bartczak, Dawid Lorenc, Einar Nikkerud, Asher Lev, Timothy Bartlett.

appx. 35 + 35 + 20 minutes intermission
total of 1 hour 30 minutes.

A co-production with the Bergen International Festival 2016.

Original Cast

Guro Rimeslåtten, Caroline Eckly, Nuria Navarra Vilasalò, Sara Enrich Bertran, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Miryam Gracia Mariblanca**, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Hugo Marmelada, Jack Lorentzen/Harald Beharie, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Dawid Lorenc

Performance history

26 May 2016 — Studio Bergen
27 May 2016 — Studio Bergen
28 May 2016 — Studio Bergen