While they are floating

Choreography and concept Hooman Sharifi

Taking refugees’ personal narratives as its point of departure, Carte Blanche looks at individual stories of transit and human sensations such as taste, sensuousness and loss.

Refugees are often presented as an anonymous mass of people who come in large groups. But each individual asylum seeker has made a personal journey filled with his or her own experiences, choices, memories and feelings of loss. Even though this journey is made together with others, they are also very alone – with responsibility for themselves and their stories.

What do we take with us when we leave our home behind, and how do we deal with what we have left behind? The dancers give physical expression to refugees’ stories and try to access universal memories. With empathy and through broad, slow and heavy physical movements, the dancers endeavour to create a common meeting place in which we can co-exist.

The production is choreographed by Hooman Sharifi, Artistic Director of Carte Blanche – Norway’s national contemporary dance company. He himself came to Norway from Iran as an unaccompanied minor asylum seeker in 1988. Helge Steen (aka Deathprod) is responsible for the music.

A new edition of Carte Blanche’s magazine is published in connection with the production. This edition consists of nine texts by the author Odveig Klyve based on conversations with asylum seekers and refugees in Norway in spring 2017. Download it here.


Choreography and concept
Hooman Sharifi

Assistant choreographer
Rikke Baewert

Helge Sten

Caroline Eckly, Judith Arupa, Noam Eidelman Shatil, Olha Stetsyuk, Anne Lise Rønne, Guro Rimeslåtten, Ole Martin Meland, Daniel Mariblanca Sirmans, Yousef Sbieh, Adrian Bartczak, Dawid Lorenc, Einar-Anton Nikkerud, Jack Lorentzen, Mathias Stoltenberg

PR photo
Thor Brødreskift

Press photo
Arash Nejad

Appx. 90 minutes – no intermission

World premiere
26 May 2017 Studio Bergen

A co-production with the  Bergen International Festival 2017

Spring 2017 

30 June – Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad

Autumn 2017 

8 September –  Stormen Konserthus, Bodø
28 September – Sandnes Kulturhus
1 – 4 November – Studio Bergen
9 – 12 November – Dansens Hus, Oslo
16 November – Kilden, Kristiansand
6 – 7 December – Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø