Workshops and additional activities 2017

We aim to create a setting around the company’s performances meeting with different people, through debate and rooms where new meaning and knowledge can arise. Workshops and meetings with artists, and discussions are included in this framework. Look for additional events when company visits your location!

Activities on tour
On Tour and in connection with the performances we organize pre- and post talk and meet with dancers and choreographers, as well as organizing debates in relation to the show’s theme.

Carte Blanche will hold three workshops in spring 2017. There are limited places – so if you want to be inspired to use your body in new ways – turn to now by signing up via the forms below.

Price 250, -. All workshops will be held in Studio Bergen, Nøstegaten 119 in Bergen. For more information contact

Workshop: House – Jens Jeffry Trinidad

Jens Jeffry Trinidad will teach you House dance, originally a social dance that originated in nightclubs in Chicago and in
New York in the aftermath of the disco era. In the workshop, we will go through several basic steps, footwork, then working
with groove and musicality. We will work on this so that we can freestyle/improvise with this groove and develop steps and
expression on our own. The target group is all kinds of dancers from age 13, but younger ones are also welcome to join if
they can follow through. Jens Jeffry Trinidad has a background from X-ray of Oslo, and later from the crew Cre8 where he is
also the artistic director. He has made his mark in both hip-hop and performing arts as a versatile and experienced dancer.

Date Saturday 22 April 2017  12:00 – 14:00
Place Studio Bergen
Level Some experience
Price NOK 250,-

Sign-up sheet

Workshop: Vogue – Cassandra Moldenhauer

Cassandra teaches mainly in New Way Vogue. This style within voguing focuses on intricate lines and shapes
with arms and learning to pose and shape the body to your advantage. The style is strong yet elegant and
feminine. In the workshop, we will go through basic techniques and drills within voguing, before we move on to
the runway and eventually a routine with everything we have learned. Cassandra Moldenhauer is the Managing
Director and study leader on Flow Dance Academy Oslo. She put voguing on the map in Norway and quickly
increased the interest in the dance style. She also started Norway’s first voguing company MERAKI

Date Saturday 13 May 2017  10:00 – 12:00
Place Studio Bergen
Level Some experience
Price NOK 250,-

Sign-up sheet

Workshop: Acroyoga – Laura Bernasconi

Laura Bernasconi will hold a workshop in Acroyoga. You will learn to utilize the spiritual wisdom of yoga with the dynamic power of easier acrobatics. Laura shows you “trust building postures” and “partner yoga flow” that makes the body feel weightless, warm, energetic, relaxed and without tension. No partner or mat is required, and you do not need any experience in yoga or dance to participate. Laura Bernasconi is an international acroyoga instructor and Master Teacher of contemporary dance and want more people to get the opportunity to become part of this growing and stimulating creative community.

Date Sunday 20 May 2017  10:00 – 12:00
Place Studio Bergen
Level All are welcome
Price NOK 250,-