How do collectives rise and fall? What is the function of the group’s lack of a common direction or of enormous individual wills pulling in opposite directions? What is the group’s method for surviving and coexisting?

Reviews (in Norwegian)

Press quotes

Carte Blanche’s 25th anniversary performance has created the beginnings of something as rare as a public debate on dance. Nice!
Charlotte Myrbråten, Bergens Tidende

Sharifis performance challenges the limits of analysis and theories.
Charlotte Myrbråten, Bergens Tidende

Sharifi versus the Opera, institution dancers versus the freelance choreographer –  the glow occurs in the intersection between Sethzmans’s light and ommitted set design.
Monica Emilie Herstad Kunstbevegelsen

It is truly premeiere-evenings like this that remains unforgettable …
Monica Emilie Herstad Kunstbevegelsen

The result is fortunate. Sharifis project seems to be completed with “Shadows remain silent”. With the help of Carte Blanche he has eventually managed to show what he want to express. The Shadows may then ideed subside.
Sidsel Pape

“Shadows remain silent” represents a change in Norwegian dance art.
Sidsel Pape

Soft sensitivity and fierce energy.
Marianne Lystrup Vårt Land

Tour Schedule

Autumn 2014
4 — 5 December at 20.00 in Studio Bergen
11 December at 17.00 during ICE HOT Nordic Platform festival in the Opera in Oslo