69 applicants for Artistic Director

The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance has received 68 applications from 69 applicants for the position as Artistic Director.

Hooman Sharifis four year fixed term period expires July 2018. Sharifi notified the board earlier this year that he would not seek a new term.

It is inspiring to see so many qualified applicants from all over the world wishing to be his successor. This strengthens our belief that the Company is internationally recognized.

24 female and 45 male from 23 countries have applied, 15 of which are based in Norway. Two have jointly applied for the position. Six applicants are exempted from public disclosure. Click here for the list of applicants.

Contact information:
Deputy chair of the board and leader of the hiring committee Ole Hope ole@stamsneset.com | phone +47 479 80 100, or chairman of the board Laila Dåvøy laila@davoy.no | phone +47 480 82 680.