Adrian Bartczak

Adrian Bartczak

I really like to move. Movement is so complex that you can always find something new within it. You can spend hours developing your own way of moving but still you will not even have scratched the surface of possibilities. You can discover so many different meanings in a single gesture. By combining it with others, you can create worlds that can be understood and experienced in many different ways. The possibilities of interpretation seem almost infinite.

The immense diversity of movement and the vocabulary of the body are at the core of my artistic interests. I like to try new things. If I am stuck with one type of work I get bored quite easily. I am always looking for new ways or methods to accomplish my goals. I am interested in movement as a whole, not dividing it into specific categories or styles.

I strongly believe all movement practices and expressions are interconnected. Lately, I have been discovering the importance of rhythm as a basis for movement and a way of finding or creating a common language within a group. I am also interested in the possibilities of combining movement with expressive elements such as voice, text, music and objects and images.

Something special happens when these elements become parts of a whole working together or amplifying each other. Still, it is important to be critical and question whether it is always necessary to combine all of these elements in a dance performance. I need to find meaning in the movement itself to communicate with others.

Artistically, I am driven by the desire to communicate. I do not want to escape from important topics. After a performance, I want the audience to be changed in some way. Even if it is just a matter of the few minutes they spent thinking about what they saw, rather than simply walking out of the theater without taking any traces of the performance with them on the way.

I strongly believe that dance has an enormous potential as a form of expression. We can express so many important things with our bodies. It is a lot more difficult to lie with the body than with words. While moving we can truly be ourselves. There is something primal about dancing with other people. Something very basic that has the power to influence us on a many different levels.”

Adrian Bartczak (1988) is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. He comes from the industrial city of Lodz, in central Poland. His dance training has been shaped by a variety of workshops and coaches. Krzyszfor Skolimowski, Witold Jurewicz, Ray Chung, Christophe Jeannot and Jozef Frucek have been important teachers. Adrian began to work as a freelancer in 2008. During this period, he collaborated with Michał Ratajski, Tomasz Rodowicz, Rob Hayden, Sarah Shelton Mann, Rosana Gamson, Minako Seki, Roberto Olivan and Jacek Owczarek. In 2011 he began to work as teacher and choreographer for the Polish dance company KIJO. He has also been collaborating with Chorea Theater since 2012. Adrian joined Carte Blanche in August 2016.