Daniel Garcia Mirablanca

Daniel Garcia Mirablanca

My name is Daniel. I am a transgender person and I consider myself gender-fluid.

I was born in Barcelona 35 years ago.

My passion is dance, performance, theater and being on the stage. The adrenaline on the stage is irresistible.

I also love music, especially baroque music. My favorite composer is Henry Purcell and I find the voice of Philippe Jaroussky extremely beautiful.

I am married to a beautiful woman. We have two amazing dogs.

I have a big admiration for my mama. She gives me the unconditional love that I need to be who I am, while giving me support to follow my dreams.

I am a dancer. I am a partner. I am a fighter. I am a creator. I am a lover.

I am a son and a sister and a brother.

I am.

Over time I have learned the responsibilities that come with being an artist. For me it is very important to work on constructing new perspectives and making visible the invisible. Develop new languages and new ways to communicate. Talk about minorities as well as social issues. Challenge the oppressive systems. Offer new ways to live life. Talking with and about diversity is an important interest and focus of mine.

The body can be an instrument of expression, a gun in the fight and the means of persisting in the battle. The body is the site of resistance. It is the testimony of experience.

I am particularly interested in gender. We live in a very strict society where the gender roles are narrow. Everything is concerned with the body, yet control lies with the state. What is normal and normative? What is legal? And desirable. And beautiful. I like to question myself about these things, and then re-do, reconstruct and create possibilities for the spaces in-between, while making the peripheral visible and shedding light on the grey areas. Giving way so that new possibilities can exist. This is key.

I think everybody and anyone can relate to these spaces, on one level or another, through gender. Even more so through nationality, race, class, mobility, sexual orientation, age etc. Everybody has a reason to feel like an outsider. And this feeling and positioning is really interesting to me.

One of my goals is to produce a more open and inclusive society through dance and performance. To understand and project new ways to create and perceive beauty, by developing a universal language with the body. The intelligent body.

Daniel Garcia Maiblanca was born in Barcelona and began studying dance at the age of 17. Daniel went on to complete studies at the Institut del Teatre.

Daniel has worked with Angels Margarit, l’Anonima Imperial, Sol Pico, Jelena Kostic, Ugo Dehaes, Arco Renz, Lisi Estaras, Anna Hubert, Koncert Ballet Bern, Julio D’Anna, Pink Mama, Fabian Chiquet and Andreas Constantinou, before joining Carte Blanche. Daniel has been concerned with developing an individual movement language and has created work in collaboration with others and alone.