Einar Nikkerud

Einar Nikkerud

I grew up in the safe surroundings of Hurum, a village near Oslo. At age 15 I set my sights on Oslo and education there. On finishing my studies I moved abroad and lived for many years on the saga island of Iceland.

Travel is my great passion and my goal is one day to climb Mount Everest. I am fortunate. I have had the opportunity to travel large parts of the world. Exciting encounters with local inhabitants of many different societies and cultures have been a source of inspiration, knowledge, respect, and, not least, increased understanding of different viewpoints and challenging situations.

I am keenly interested in gaining a broader perspective and deeper insight into the complex situations faced by people around the world. In particular I want to mention a trip I took a few years ago to Murmansk in northern Russia, the city from which I was adopted.

I met women there who had worked at the orphanage I had lived in as a baby. Listening to their memories of the great challenges faced by the people of the Kola Peninsula was a very personal and heart-wrenching experience.

I believe in individual development through building cultural fellowship.

My interests are wide-ranging. I seek inspiration from many different sources. As a performer the body is central to my work. It is exciting to find new approaches to in-depth exploration of the body and motor skills. This is vital to my development as an artist and something I work towards continuously.

Artistically speaking, I can only say that working at Carte Blanche is a luxury. To be part of an ensemble of artists who have different backgrounds, origins, identities, cultures, religions, languages, interests and agendas is highly inspiring.

This is an exhilarating journey.