Ole Martin Meland

Ole Martin Meland

My interest in the body and movement – the explicit knowledge and the complex, articulated physical craft of the dancer – are driving forces in my work. My artistic concern is with the energy and potential of abstract dance, which to me is a non-negotiable aspect of my work and a never-ending source of new perspectives. I aspire to create, and am inspired by, art that is not explicitly political or instrumental to society.

On the contrary, I believe art is inherently political by being free and unpredictable. The value of art in its own right is a principle I strive to defend through my work. In my experience, art is most powerful, and best able to get at the core of something, when it exists as a force in itself; an open, alternative arena where it is possible to question, try and fail. An arena that holds the potential for new or different kinds of experience.

I experience art most powerfully when it speaks to me in a way that encourages me to re-consider my own logic and understanding, when I have to confront myself and initiate a dialogue with something unfamiliar that is nevertheless a part of me. When it unleashes the queer and indefinable, the strange, the irrational and the sensual.

Art is at its greatest when it confronts the spectator with some of the most vital, yet difficult to grasp, existential concepts that belong to human experience: anxiety, doubt, love, origin and death.

Ole Martin Meland (1984) is from Sætre in Hurum, Norway. He graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2006, and soon after joined Carte Blanche as a dancer. In addition to his work as a performer, Ole has been commissioned as a choreographer to create works for Carte Blanche, Iceland Dance Company, Groteska Theatre Krakow and Oslo Danse Ensemble. He also develops his own dance projects as an independent artist.