AUDITION: 584 applicants from 63 countries

Norway’s national contemporary dance company is still experiencing record demand, even with mitigation criteria.

New this year is that applicants must complete 25 years in 2016, be college educated and have three years of professional dance experience. Still, the trick only 48 fewer applicants than last audition.

Increased geographic diversification
Applicants have 63 different nationalities from around the world, and come from countries such as Canada, Japan, New Zeeland and China, Jamaica, Russia, USA and the rest of Europe, to name a few. This is an increase of 31%, compared with 48 countries in 2015. The greatest increase of the American continent, where both North, Central and South America is represented by all 11 countries.

Average age is 28 years, with a spread of 20 to 42 years, despite the age limit of 25 years. The gender distribution is 69% female and 31% male.

The Nordic countries
74 applicants, 12% of applicants are Norwegian dancers, divided into 82% share of women and 18% share of men. The total represents a decline of three percentage points from last.
42 applicants (7%) are from the other Nordic countries Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

15 invitations
This year, like last year, only about 150 of the applicants for closed audition. Invitation to the most qualified applicants will be sent out on 17 August. It must be fought for six positions: two fixed positions, one 3-year contract and 3:01-year contracts.

Audition will be held on 17th – 18th September 2016 in Studio Bergen.

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