Carte Blanche and Kode are collaborating on a new project

In February, Carte Blanche collaborates with the KODE art museums in an exciting dance and exhibition experience created by the visual artist Pedro Gómez-Egaña.

The exhibition as a whole includes immersive installations spanning two floors at KODE 4. SOLIDS plays with our sense of space and challenges our notions of safety and history. What happens when the structures you trust are in a state of permanent dissolution? And, what happens to time when one is sitting still while everything around is in a state of constant flux?

– Pedro’s interest in kinetics and his research on immersive sculpture – built spaces that seek to modulate audiences’ way of experiencing a situation-, create an inspiring starting point for the meeting with us, says artistic director Annabelle Bonnéry

The project has been named SOLIDS and is part of a larger collaboration with takeovers of KODE 4.

– We collaborate regularly with and have previously invited art and culture actors to takeover at KODE. We are now taking a step further and making an entire museum building available to partners. Together we want to reach an expanded audience. Museum goers meet contemporary dance and theater and those interested in theater and dance get art exhibitions, says director of collection and exhibitions Line Daatland.

The artist group Alt Går Bra and students at The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen will also take place in the museum in late winter and spring, and already at the beginning of December, Den Nationale Scene (English: National Theater) will show the performance «Physical/Playtime» in the Tårnsalen in KODE 4.

An immersive dance and exhibition experience

The collaboration between Gómez-Egaña and Carte Blanche challenges the concept of what a dance performance can be. The installation moves, peels off layers and reveals itself. Elements are mirrored, moved, stretched, knotted, and dissolved. The dancers make things happen: they move the walls, manipulate objects and give energy and presence to a dynamic space that is constantly evolving. The installation on the second floor galleries, which was recently vacated from the collection of paintings from 1400-1900, is a large scale kinetic work that questions the architecture of the museum itself as a presence and as bearer of history.

The last time Carte Blanche visited KODE was with the dance performance «Øy», an energetic and youthful mix of concert and dance. When Carte Blanche and Gómez-Egaña take over KODE 4, the result will be a hybrid between dance and exhibition that is both immersive and extraordinary.

– We are very happy to take a step further in our collaboration with KODE and invite the public to a joint event about Pedro Gómez-Egaña’s work, says Annabelle Bonnéry.

SOLIDS by Pedro Gómez-Egañas premieres February 18 in Kode 4.