The Norwegian Critics’ Association’s Award to Carte Blanche’s JERADA

Carte Blanche’s performance by the Moroccan choreographer and dancer Bouchra Ouizguen, received the price in the category Dance 2017.

The award ceremony takes place at Litteraturhuset in Oslo today, 28th September 2017 at 11:00 am. Artistic Director Hooman Sharifi receives the price on behalf of the company, which is touring. The choreographer, Bouchra Ouizguen, who unfortunately neither may attend, states the following;

“It is with great joy and gratitude I hear these news. Gratitude to the Carte Blanche team for believing in Jerada from the beginning, and especially all the way to the end. This award is for a team that has worked for years with passion and seriousness, and with whom I had the opportunity to work, thanks to an artistic director with a mercurial and determined mind! Who would have thought or believed such a strange encounter?
I want to thank the craziest of dancers, as well as Eric Wurtz, the light designer, who have made me dream in this process, and of course the administrative and technical team of Carte Blanche, who have cared for us throughout, making the collaboration extremely easy.”

The Critics’ Association’s reasoning for awarding the price to Jerada is translated below:

“In her review of the performance, the Klassekampen (newspaper) Elin Høyland writes: ‘In Jerada the Carte Blanche dancers enter … an art of rotation as the production takes us spinning into a choreography where the meditative and spiritual engage in a natural dialogue with a landscape of very distinctive individuals fighting a kind of undeclared battle: for each new dancer who takes to the stage, it is as if a new life form emerges, in familiar but nonetheless unique and self-sufficient physical manifestations. This might sound monotonous, but it gradually builds into a performance with an intensity and sheer vitality that is so strong that this production becomes for me one of the best things I could ever envisage seeing on a stage.’ The performance is a good example of how the  society-oriented and experimental direction Carte Blanche has moved in as a contemporary dance company under the direction of Hooman Sharifi – a change that takes courage, a strong will and not the least, hard work, to implement.”

The nominees and the reasoning behind the price can be read here (in Norwegian only.)

The Critics’ Association’s Award started out in 1977. Carte Blanche has received the price four times, last for the performance Ambra by the choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen in 2007/8.

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