Flekk: get a dancer as a birthday present!

Flekk comes and holds a mini-dance performance and dances to an optional song for the birthday child who must be a spectator from the window at home.

Flekk is a project initiated by dance artist and choreographer Yaniv Cohen in collaboration with Dansens Hus, Carte Blanche and Dansit.

Flekk is a being who visits children who have birthdays during these strange corona times. There are some criteria and there are:

– you have a birthday and are between 5-10 years

– you are home when we visit

– you live in Oslo / Bærum, Moss, Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Inderøy, Steinkjer or Verdal.

– an adult films the dance performance and shares it with us.

If Flekk has time, we call and arrange the visit with an adult.


The project is done on a voluntary basis, so if you want to tilt the dancers, you are welcome to do so.

Take care of each other, stay home.