Lia Rodrigues on Nororoca

Nororoca is Pororoca from the North. It is a recreation of Pororoca, a dance piece that I created in 2009 together with the 11 dancers of my dance company.

Pororoca is a word that comes from the Tupi language (one of the more than 150 indigenous languages spoken in Brazil) and is the name of a natural phenomenon caused by the confrontation of the water of the Amazon river with the water of the sea. It is a violent encounter that can bring down trees and changes the banks of the river, but at the same time a fragile process, resulting from a delicate balance of the factors of nature.

In the very same way, Nororoca provokes a meeting between opposite currents, which generate waves that break over one another and mix together. It’s a meeting of differences. How to build a community on stage? What challenges does this situation present? How does everyone find their place – always provisional – with their similarities and differences?

It is always a challenge to work with artists from other parts of the world. Life in the city of Rio de Janeiro is the opposite of life in Bergen in many ways, mainly in the fields of social and economic issues and working conditions. We can learn from our differences and learn to collaborate with each other. At this moment when walls are being built all over the world, when territories are being defended and borders are enforced and rigidly controlled, this exchange proposed by Carte Blanche inspires us to move in the opposite direction and offers new possibilities for sharing, interaction and creation.


Text: Lia Rodrigues

Photos: Yaniv Cohen