For the first time Carte Blanche, the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance is seeking to meet the disabled community through a collaborative artistic process.

This is a research process that aims to transform and create connections between the dance institution and the local participants from Bergen with diverse capacities with the hope to shorten the distances between them and generate new dynamics.

We are looking for participant interested and willing to have a physical experience and open dialogue about relevant topics like representation, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, dreams and complains and many other things.

Our aim is to facilitate and establish a secure space and atmosphere for the participants. We will start with open conversations in order to get to know each other. Maria Terese Kittilsen and Daniel Mariblanca will propose frames to start the physical research. We will propose improvisation tasks where to look for individual physical qualities with varying exercises related with topics and interest found during the conversations. From thinking, talking and feeling we will then begin the physical actions. Hopefully, this will generate common language to explore the body and its physicality individually and collectively as well as creating space to have sensorial experiences.

Previous experience as a dancer, performer or any stage practice is not needed. All ages, all genders, all bodies are welcome.

The working period in the studio (Studio Bergen) will be from February 11 – March 12. Contributions can also come in another form like an interview, a letter, a video, etc.

We can adjust the rehearsal time to participants’ schedule. We are flexible in terms of time and are open alternative meeting places if you do not wish to come to the studio. Participants and contributions can be also anonymous.

If you are interested or know someone who could be, please contact:

Maria Terese Kittilsen Daniel Mariblanca