See «The Who of Things» from 2016 online

“In these times where we cannot gather to experience performances live together, we invite you to discover or rediscover a few gems from the archives of Carte Blanche by way of streaming. We are very happy to share the diversity of aesthetics, thematics and ways of creating that make up the history of the company. We will not show you our current repertoire as we think the live experience is the core of our work, and our aim is to be able to share that with you in the future. We hope to celebrate and enjoy that time soon and that you will be present with us! For now let’s enjoy good memories with the first piece: “The Who of Things” by Marcelo Evelin.”

– Annabelle Bonnéry, Artistic Director for Carte Blanche

The Who of Things

In 2016 Carte Blanche made a double-bill titled “We Are Here Together”. The first part of the performance, “Gjallarhorn” (the name of the horn which, according to Norse mythology, would sound to signal Ragnarok – the end of days), was choreographed by Norwegian Mia Habib and took inspiration from seismic activity, Norse mythology, author Arne Garborg’s work Haugtussa and group rituals.  “Gjallarhorn” was an intense, raw and refined performance where large parts played out in a kind of scenic twilight.

The performance we show here, “The Who of Things” by Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin. Evelin was born in Teresina, Brazil and is a choreographer and performer. He lives and works in both Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Teresina in Brazil. Since 1986, he has worked in Europe with artists from different countries on projects involving physical theater, music, video, installations and site-specific art. Evelin is working independently and runs the company Demolition Corporada founded in 1995. He was in Bergen in February to collaborate with one of our dancers, Caroline Eckly to create a solo performance that had a first work in progress showing at Kunsthuset Wrap.

Marcelo Evelin and the Carte-Blanche dancers in 2016
photo: Helge Hansen

«The Who of Things»


The Brazilian Indians looked upon everything in the world as human: the stones, the trees, the sky and the rain existed for them as an embodiment of humanity. They also practiced cannibalism – they ate their enemies, their masters, and the people they respected, to preserve the other in themselves.

With rhythm as language and rituals as the stage language, the piece approaches the ecosystem as an organization of life forms, from the complexity of a hive to the rawness of the wild animal herd.

With “We Are Here Together” came a magazine with texts about community. You can read that here.

We wish you a lively reunion with a performance that local newspaper Bergens Tidende described as “full of blood, gore and tears. ”

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Choreography: Marcelo Evelin  Lighting design: Ingeborg S. Olerud
Costume design: Marcelo Evelin
Sound Design/Music: Sho Takiguchi
Dancers: Guro Rimeslåtten, Caroline Eckly, Nuria Navarra Vilasalò, Sara Enrich Bertran, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Hugo Marmelada, Jack Lorentzen/Harald Beharie, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Dawid Lorenc