“Time WIth You is Precious” is touring nursing homes and institutions in Bergen

The performance “Time With You is Precious” has toured nursing homes in Bergen since March 30. After a successful debut at Engen nursing home on March 30, and with subsequent showing at Kolstihagen nursing home, there has been many bookings. In the photo you can see when Juanita and the gang played to an enthusiastic audience at Låndas church home for the elderly on a chily day in early May. Since then we have been to the Slettebakken Church Home for The Elderly and the Signo Konow Center.

In June we will tour Haukeland University Hospital, The Bergen Red Cross Nursing home, Løvåsen Nursing Home, Fyllingsdalen Nursing Home, Siljuslåtten Nursing Home, Odinsvei Resident Center, Hordnestunet, Midtbygda Nursing Home and Ulset Nursing Home will take a tour.

Streaming and recording

We will film the performance outside Haukeland hospital and live stream from Fyllingsdalen Nursing Home. More info on this can be found on our Facebook page when the time approaches.  “Time With You is Precious” is inspired by the 2019 performance “Know Hows” choreographed by Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Ingeleiv Becker. The costumes were designed by Signe Becker and the music was composed by Per Platou.

You can read the program for the show (in Norwegian only) here