En dobbeltforestilling hvor en koreograf og en komponist møtes.

ECHO FLUX is a double bill focused on approaches to the relationship between dance and music composition.

ECHO FLUX is Annabelle Bonnéry’s first programming as Carte Blanche Artistic Director. For each piece she has proposed a meeting between a choreographer and a composer, who could rise to the challenge of questioning and deepening their own approach in that encounter.

Both projects experiment with movement and breath as a way of creating music, with references to Vanitas aesthetics, melancholy anatomy, old-fashioned string instruments, Sami rituals and beatboxing.

ECHO FLUX is co-produced by Bergen International Festival 2019.

Richard Alban (the departed Heart) | Ayelen Parolin (Primal)

Co-produced with
Bergen International Festival 2019

Sebastian Rivas (the departed Heart) | Ezra (Primal)