Know Hows

Superpowers at work

Know Hows gets energy from their superpowers at work, in motion, through delight and resistance. The superpowers
are created on stage. It can be running extremely fast or very slowly, standing still without breathing for an hour, climbing higher than the mountains and balance at the verge of the precipice. Know Hows creates a space with no limits for what we can accomplish.

Know Hows is a celebration of the wonderful abilities humanity has before everything goes down the drain, blows up or learns to fly! Let us celebrate an upcoming apocalypse!

Know Hows has its world premiere 14 February in Studio Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Tickets available now: BergenOslo

Kristin Ryg Helgebostad & Ingeleiv Berstad

Set design
Signe Becker

Lighting design
Ingebord Staxrud Olerud

Per Platou

PR photo
Helge Hansen