INFO: Bergen Ballroom! Registration is open - Carte Blanche
The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance

INFO: Bergen Ballroom! Registration is open

Join the journey towards establishing Bergen's first ballroom community! There will be workshops throughout the spring and in April it is ready for the city's first Vogue Ball ...

Bergen Ballroom is a collaborative project, organised by KODE, Carte Blanche and Mother Cassandra Meraki. The aim of the project is to build a ballroom community for the local queer minorities in Bergen and Western Norway. Our goal is to create safe spaces where LGBT+ and BIPOC youth and young adults can explore themes of gender, identity and personal expression through the different art forms of the ballroom culture and find belonging in a creative community.

Du kan lese mer og melde deg på til workshops via KODE’s website

Bergen Ballroom is part of / is a part of Skeivt kulturår på KODE (Norwegian)

You can read the entire program in the pdf below (in English):

Program brochure (in English) PDF