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The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance

ARTIST TALK – BIRGET; a portrait of a process

A talk about Carte Blanche’s new Festival performance. The film premiere is cancelled. 

How is birget, a Sami expression for coping with what you have, translated and reflected in an artistic process? How does a philosophy of living and surviving turn into a strategy for creating performing arts? 

In the work with the performance BIRGET; ways to deal, ways to heal, artists Elle Sofe Sara and Joar Nango, and dancers from Carte Blanche have been followed by a film team led by the Sami documentary filmmaker Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen. They travelled with Carte Blanche from Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu to Oslo and on to Bergen, observing the making of the performance. The film was scheduled to premiere this evening, but the film will become available later this year.  

Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen is a Norwegian and Sami filmmaker and visual artist. He studied in the USA and is based in Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu. 

Choreographer Elle Sofe Sara will meet filmmaker Leonardsen and artistic director Annabelle Bonnéry for a conversation led by Ragnhild Freng Dale.  

The film screenings at 18:00 and 20:00 have been cancelled. The talk will be held as planned at 18:00