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The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance

Documentary: “A portrait of a process” by Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen

As an extension of the piece BIRGET; ways to deal, ways to heal, Carte Blanche, Elle Sofe Sara and Joar Nango engaged the sami documentarymaker Andreas Leonarsen.  By documenting and making visible the exchanges between the guest artists and the company, reflections and discoveries are shared, and gives the audience an opportunity to experience the human, social, political and artistic dimension of the performance process.

“Birget – a portrait of a process” gives an insight into the inspiration for the performance, and how movement language and scenic elements are connected to Sami life today. 

How is birget, a Sami expression for saving oneself with what one has, translated and reflected in an artistic process? How does a philosophy of living and surviving turn into a strategy for creating performing arts? 

 The documentary follows the process of the Carte Blanche performance BIRGET; ways to deal, ways to heal. A journey from Kautokeino, to Bergen, to Oslo. 

A film about collaboration and conversations between Sami artists, Norwegian and international dancers and the production apparatus at Carte Blanche, Norway’s national company for contemporary dance. 

Idea & concept: Elle Sofe Sara og Joar Nango | Choreography: Elle Sofe Sara | Scenography: Joar Nango | Costumedesign: Indrani Balgobin | Sounddesign: Anndaris Rimpi | Dramaturg: Thomas Schaupp | Lightdesign: Arne Kambestad | Research: Ravdna Turi Henriksen

Dancers: Anne Lise Rønne, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Ole Martin Meland, Aslak Aune Nygård, Caroline Eckly, Dawid Lorenc, Adrian Bartczak, Nadege Kubwayo, Noam Eidelman Shatil, Hanne van Driessche, Brecht Bovijn, Gaspard Schmitt, Daniel Mariblanca, Tilly Sordat & Trine Lise Moe |

Artistic Director: Annabelle Bonnery | General Manager: Tone Tjemsland | Communications Director: Birthe Skotheim | Production and Planning Director: Tora de Zwart Rørholt, Kirsti Rosseland | Rehearsal Director: Shlomi Ruimi, Susanna Recchia | Touring Director: Gulli Sekse | Sales and Marketing Assistant: Line Jensen, Jonas Sharif Hordvik | Technical Director: Jeroen de Groot | Technical  Coordinator: Mark Simon Watts | Chief Electrician: Robert Roespel | Head of Sound: Gunnar Innvær | Stage Manager: Jan Tore Solberg | Lighting Technician: Thomas Bruvik, Hans Skogen| Sound Technician: Leif Herland | Stage technician: Vegard Veivåg | Head of Costumes: Indrani  Bolgabin | Dresser: Renate Rolland | Modeler/Tailor: Martina Wilhelms | Costumemaker/ Tailor: Kristine Akselberg | Tailor/Dresser: Krishna Biscardi | Husekeeping: Benigne Nizigiymana, Davin Iratunga | Process and pressphotos: Øystein Haara | Video: David Alræk