Hopp til innhold

The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance


A musical journey through centuries

In Soufflette, Paris-based choreographer François Chaignaud asks: “What if a medieval breath blew through our lips?”

In twilight, shapes dressed in large woolen costumes appear. These characters throw themselves into rhythmic rituals and songs
of praise. The dancers sing polyphonically as they stumble, stand on their heads, dance together and alone before finding each other and becoming their own cult, creating the foundation for a flourishing final.

In Soufflette we participate in a musical journey that breathes life into the medieval traditions. The performance unfolds like an
intoxicating midsummer party celebration full of life, singing and dancing delight.

Soufflette is a co-production with the Bergen International Festival 2018 where it premiered on 24 May 2018.



Artistic Director: Annabelle Bonnéry | General Manager: Tone Tjemsland | Marketing & Information Director: Birthe Skotheim | Production & Planning Director: Tora de Zwart Rørholt | Rehearsal Director: Shlomi Ruimi | Turnésjef: Gulli Kr. Sekse | Sales & Marketing Assistant: Jonas Sharif Hordvik | Adminstrative Secretary: Mona Igland | Technical Director: Jeroen Tjeerd de Groot | Chief Electrician: Robert Roespel | Head of Sound: Gunnar Innvær | Stage & Tour Manager: Jan Tore Solberg | Lighting Technician: Thomas Bruvik | Sound Technicican: Leif Herland |Kostymeansvarlig: Indrani Balgobin | Dresser: Renate Rolland | Seamstress/Dresser: Krishna Biscardi | Modeller/Tailor: Martina Wilhelms | Costume maker: Kristine Akselberg| Ladies tailor: Guro Eide | Prop master: Marte Synnevåg| Costumes: Cecilie Nybakk Nore | Carpenter: Willy Berg Larsen | Carpentry Assistant: Kamil Lorenc & Magnus Monstad |Housekeeping: Benigne Nizigiyimana & Davin Iratunga | PR & Presse Photos: Helge Hansen | Process photos & Video: Tale Hendnes