Know Hows | Carte Blanche
The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance

Know Hows

a boundless space where superpowers can arise

In Know Hows we encounter a bunch of characters with unique properties, physical attributes and colorful, superhero-inspired costumes.

First we get to know Juanita, an indeterminate and indescribable character that arouses laughter and maybe a few tears. Misunderstandings take over, the door is closed with a bang and the music starts flowing from the speakers.

The rest of the dancers come on the stage, one by one. Long legs, swelling muscles, useless fingers, oversized arms and giant lips that make it hard to talk, are some of the superpowers or the super-shortcomings the “superheroes” on stage must learn to master.

In Know Hows we dive in a tragicomic universe that speaks to our entire sensory registers.

The performance is driven forward by a futuristic, interactive and beautiful scenography created by Signe Becker and music composed by Per Platou, performed live by Gunnar Innvær.