We want to change the world. Having a public voice is a privilege that we can share with others. We want to work with choreographers who possess the drive and determination to address identity, nationality, borders, gender, diversity, minority, fellowship and empathy: Fierce artists – who create nuanced physical language and are willing to lay bare their vulnerabilities.

We throw ourselves into these themes with great passion and engagement. We dedicate our competence, our being and our bodies to embody these visions, to manifest these ideas and bring them to our audience. For us, the audience is vital. The audience’s interpretations and opinions breathe new and extended life into art. We take our social responsibility seriously. We are ambitious. We always take risks – and we are not scared to fail. We are not fearless, but we cannot let fear rule our lives.

Foto Arash Nejad


Established in Bergen in 1989 and with its home base in Studio Bergen, the company tours both in Norway and internationally throughout the year.

The ensemble consists of 12- 15 dancers of many nationalities around the wold, particularly known for their strong stage presence, high technical abilities and their individual creativity. Furthermore, Carte Blanche has a technical- and an administration department of 14 people in total.

New programmes are created every season and the older ones re-staged. The Company has previously worked with Norwegian and internationally renowned choreographers, and woks with artists that has a critical eye on the society and that manages to express this through the dance. By allowing the dancers to exploit the privileges a publicly owned company gives, Carte Blanche enables the artists the possibility to grow.

This way Carte Blanche creates an exciting and unique repertoire of high quality, underpinning the company’s goal to be a forerunner of innovation, presentation and development of contemporary dance in Norway and abroad.

Carte Blanche AS is owned and funded by the Ministry of Culture, Hordaland County Council and the City of Bergen.




Laila Dåvøy
The Norwegian State

Deputy Chairman
Ole Hope
The City of Bergen

Board Members
Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen
The Norwegian State
Per-Harald Nilsson
The Norwegian State
Svein Halleraker
The Norwegian State
Anne-Beth Njærheim
Hordaland County

Representing the employees
Guro Rimeslåtten
Observer for the employees
Gunnar Innvær

Deputy Members of the Board
1. Chiku Ali
The Norwegian State
2. Keld Hyldig
The Norwegian State
3. Nils Marton Aadland
The Norwegian State
Renate Møgster Klepsvik
Hordaland County
Astri Hårstad
The City of Bergen